Procedure for Research Assistance

Procedure for Research  Assistance for Problem Identification/Initial Synopsis/Abstract Finalization

Step I:  First, fill the Enquiry form with area of Interest
Step II: We reply with some topics related research Area of Client
Step III: Client have to reply with in few days with final topic
Step IV:  Deposit first payment
Step V: Send scanned of confirmation email with payment slip
Step VI: After payment and Topic Confirmation, we describe the problem with some tool and technology used.
Step VIII: Second Payment
Step IX: We will send the problem identification with synopsis
Step X: Our professional will explain the full problem|
Step XI: Third Payment
Step XII: We will provide full document with code

  • Includes formatting of thesis or dissertation according to university norms
  • Full plagiarism report (not more the 30%)
  • One free Journal Paper(UGC indexing might be)
  • Second paper writing for UGC journals  only
  • One Scopus paper(PhD only)

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