Training on Live Projects with Internship

Hands-on courses give the experience you need in the ever-expanding world of technology.In all Software Strategy training the emphasis is on helping participants to work differently. We do not believe in training for training’s sake, we believe in training to create change. We aim to deliver courses which equip attendees to immediately put their learning into action. Courses are grouped into several areas, although inevitably there is some overlap:

We provide Live Projects Training on Following Areas for Freshers :

(1). Software Development Training
(2). Website Design and Development Training
(3).Mobile Application Development Training (i). Apple iPhone (ii). Google Android (iii). BlackBerry (iv). Palm (v). Communications (vi). Games (vii). Multimedia (viii). Productivity (ix). Travel (x). Utilities
(4). Web Applications Training
(5). Branding & Creative Training
(6). Digital Marketing Training
(7). Cloud Application Development Training
(8). Agile Software Development Training
(9). Logo Designing Training
(10). Graphics Designing Training
(11). Software Testing Training
(12). Training on all programming Languages with live projects

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